Three Decorative Knots And How To Tie Them

Braid KnotBesides being useful, knots can be attractive with a high decorative value. I have brought together three of my favorite knots which not only have high decorative value but also are easy to tie. Apart from these three, there a number of other decorative knots also but they can be quite complex to make.

Let us have a look at each of my 3 favorite decorative knots and learn how to tie them:

1. Braid Knot

This knot features in the list of my favorites because it can be used as a friendship band, a decorative handle or as a decorative pull at the end of a string.

To tie this knot, loop the string around twice to create three strands. Now start braiding the three strands just as you braid hair while making a pony by bringing the bottom strand over the central one and then bringing the top strand over the one in center now. Keep braiding with the end of the string outside the braids. If the material of the string is thick, such a knot will result in a nice makeshift handle for a travelling case. Continue reading…

Useful Knots for Bushcraft-Learn More


Bowline knot

This is a knot that helps in creating a fixed loop at the end of your rope. It is one of the most crucial knots due to its stability, strength, and versatility. It is easily made and can be untied. This knot is great when used for hiking or as a running rope.

Trucker’s hitch

This is a combination of knots that allows you to pull a line very tight and secured. You can tie this knot to apply tension on a line; in fact, it can do wonders on a survival knife.

Clove hitch

This knot is considered one of the most important knots. It has two successive half-hitches around an object. It is perfect for grabbing cylindrical objects. You can effectively grab your water bottle while in the bush.

Fisherman’s knot

It is used to form a loop with 2 ends of a rope. Some may say that sheet bend knot bend is better but everyone will surely love the neat appearance of the fisherman’s knot.

Bush craft is all about the skills and the ability to survive in the harsh environment. It necessitates your ability to make good use of such knowledge and capabilities to manipulate the environment, experiencing the state of how our ancestors lived some thousands of years ago. If you are thinking of going camping, this article will be of great help to you for you will learn more on useful knots for bush-craft.

Factors contributing to bush-craft:

When we talk of bush-craft, factors that contribute to this include:

Hunting-the main aim of hunting is to find food to survive in the bush. With the use of a survival knife, you can hunt successfully.

Fire craft-in the forest, fire plays crucial can protect you from wild animals at night, keep you warm, cook your food, and create smoke to signal rescue teams.

Tent making-making a shelter in the bush is one the crucial things since you can be free from damages. One of the easiest way to build a shelter is probably just bring a backpacking tent with you. OutdoorAid has a good article on backpacking tent picks and reviews.

Rope making-this is one of the crucial activities in the bush. Knowing how to twine ropes and make other crucial survival tools is also very crucial. This is why in this article we will concentrate more on useful knots for bushcraft, which are usually achieved with the use of a rope. You can make knots with a rope for:

· Fastening

· Pulling

· Attaching 

· Carrying 

· Lifting

Bushcraft is not only a skill to help you survive in the wild, bringing you inner harmony with the environment but will also become a skill to use on other recreational activities such as hunting, mountain climbing, making tents, etc. Of course you will need some essential equipments such as a good knife, water bottle, or maybe a sleeping bag and food.

Pretty Knots I Made For My Dogs

Accessories for dogs are plentiful. You can very easily go to a pet store and browse isle after isle of decorative dog collars and leashes, dog clothing and booties, and multiple designs of dog toys. Pet lovers are notorious for spending quite a bit on decorative items and accessories for their dogs to make them pretty. But did you know that some of these things you can make yourself for much less? Many people don’t think of hand made dog accessories because of all the items that are already on the market. If you’re the creative and artistic type, hand making some of your dogs accessories may be a fun project or hobby for you.

Some pretty knots I made for my dogs are Sailors Knots (used to make a bandana that can be warn around a dogs neck), Cobra Stitch Knots (square knots used to make paracord dog collars), and Braids.

Sailors Knots-Sailors Knot For Decorative Dog Bandanas. A bandana can be made out of any square piece of material. It doesn’t have to be a pre-made bandana, you can choose any material you like and then cut it to size. You may need a smaller piece of material for small dogs and a larger piece of material for large or medium sized dogs. The sailors knot is then used to transform the material into a bandana and tie it around your dogs neck. This will make your dog pretty or handsome, and will make them stand out from the crowd.

-Cobra Stich Knot For Making Paracord Dog Collars. The great thing about this is that you can choose your own thin rope to make these collars. Bright colors, soft colors, patterns and designs, you can mix and match, whatever you want! Paracord collars are made by using the same techniques as for making bracelets, and will look so pretty when it’s worn on your dogs neck. They are also very durable and even weather resistant, depending on the rope you use.

-Braids. Braids are a fun and simple creation. You can use decorative ribbon or sting to make the braid, and it can be any length and thickness you desire. After you make your braid, be sure to secure it at each end with a basic knot to prevent it from unraveling. A braid can make your dog pretty when attached to the collar. It makes for a great handmade accessory that is cheap and easy to make.

Knots are a fun way to add some color and uniqueness to your dog. If your dog sheds a lot, you may need to remove hair that attaches itself to the knots every once in a while, but for a dog that doesn’t shed (see the most popular non-shedding dogs here), this probably won’t be necessary. Make sure the knots and accessories are secure and kept free from the dogs mouth. Have fun, and be creative!

Fun people I met at a local art and craft fair when selling knots

countyfair On the first Saturday of every month, I make my usual trek to our local arts and craft market where I have my usual stall next to the vendor who sells, in my humble opinion, the best cream pastries I have ever eaten.

While we are setting up our stalls at around 5am in the morning, it’s a tradition now that Ronnie, who owns the stall, will come around and give me a big hug and have a bag of my favorite pastries still hot from the oven ready for me. She is such a sweet lady with a warm heart.

I’ve been selling at these markets for over 5 years now and it’s become one of the highlights of my month. I spend about 10-15 hours a week in my spare time, making and designing decorative knots in all types of colors and designs. I have to thank my mother for teaching me, and one of my earliest and happiest childhood memories is her teaching me how to make them and the fun we used to have.

The reason I started selling at the markets was just to make a little extra money for the family doing something I liked doing. But what I found interesting is that over time, it became less about the money and more about the people who I would regularly see while I was there.

I mean, it’s great when you have tourists passing through and they always seem to appreciate the artistry and design that go into my products, which I’ve been doing for over 20 years now. And sometimes, I will have people come up to my stall and say that their friend or cousin just couldn’t stop talking about this amazing little market vendor who sold these amazing little knots.

What is really special though are the regulars who you see and the great relationships you develop over time. Take Debbie, who as far back as I can remember has been at every market day without fail. She is one of those people who will always stop by, have a chat, spread or share a little local gossip, have a joke about what’s going on and then move on. She is always good for a laugh and lots of fun.

What’s also interesting about Debbie is that she seems to change jobs often. Only 2 months ago, she mentioned that she was looking into some sort of medical assistant career. And as someone who worked in a hardware shop for most of her adult life, I thought this was a bit strange. She just said that she really liked the idea of helping people and working in the health field which was always something she was interested in.

Like Debbie, another one of the regulars at the market is Josephine, who has her own secretarial service. She always has these interesting stories to tell and we’ve always gotten along really well. Last month, while she was coming from the flower vendor she popped in to say hello, and we got onto a subject about a person she was helping to find a job.

She saw an online ad someone had posted with the title, resume for nursing assistant. Since she had a lot of experience in resume writing, she applied for the job and got it the next day. That night she got a phone call from her client that needed the resume, but right at the end of the phone call, the client asked if she would accept payment in the form of fruit and vegetables as she had no money. Josephine told me that her initial reaction was to tell her that forget it, but thought why not and agreed.

So after spending the better part of a Saturday doing the resume, the next day she got a knock at the door and their was Barry, our local courier with 10 boxes of different kinds of fruits and vegetables. More than enough food to feed her family for a month. Not a bad result she thought. And since we are good friends, she brought a bag of the sweetest apples I can remember eating because her family just couldn’t eat them all.
It’s amazing the fun people you can meet at the market.