Three Decorative Knots And How To Tie Them

Braid KnotBesides being useful, knots can be attractive with a high decorative value. I have brought together three of my favorite knots which not only have high decorative value but also are easy to tie. Apart from these three, there a number of other decorative knots also but they can be quite complex to make.

Let us have a look at each of my 3 favorite decorative knots and learn how to tie them:

1. Braid Knot

This knot features in the list of my favorites because it can be used as a friendship band, a decorative handle or as a decorative pull at the end of a string.

To tie this knot, loop the string around twice to create three strands. Now start braiding the three strands just as you braid hair while making a pony by bringing the bottom strand over the central one and then bringing the top strand over the one in center now. Keep braiding with the end of the string outside the braids. If the material of the string is thick, such a knot will result in a nice makeshift handle for a travelling case. Continue reading…

Fancy Knots For Fishing I Learned At The Salon

josephine knot

josephine knotI love going to the salon to do my hair every other weekend and while away time since I usually do not have much to do on weekends. We always sit and wait for each other’s turn as we chit chat about nothing in particular. My hair stylist always insists on washing my hair with a nice smelling volumizing shampoo since she tells me it’s the best for my hair which is thin. This helps the hair to look full in the head after she is done. Nothing beats the feeling of having your head massaged then washed with some nice warm water! This is what makes me never to miss my salon appointments with my hairdresser. She then deep conditions my hair with a good deep conditioner before she dries it.
Last week as I was on the line waiting for my turn, a friend came in with some nice decorative knots that she had been doing at home. She had brought them for the salon dresser who had requested for them since her son was going fishing. Everybody was in awe as we stared at the nicely made knots. Wondering what are fancy knots? These are complex knots that have repeated patterns. These knots are used for practical or aesthetic purposes. Anglers have been using decorative or fancy knots for years in fishing. Here are some fancy knots that I learnt about at the salon.

Buglars braid

This fancy knot has so many practical uses. It’s very easy to make because all you need to do is shorten a cord, line or a rope to tie this knot. You do not have to cut it and you can easily untie it at any point.

Chain Sennit

Also known as Drummer’s plait. This kind of knot is tied in an interesting technique, where the main purpose is to create linked loops which will make the cord shorter. This knot is often used in jewelry making although it’s very popular in fishing as well.

Josephine knot

This is an ancient design which is over two thousand years old. It is created by very common decorative patterns such that they form multiples of the knot and left flat. The knot is usually made of decorative patterns that are common and it’s mainly seen in military braids although it’s very useful in fishing. It also referred to as Double Coin Knot.

Navy Sheepshank

This knot can be used to bypass a damaged line. One doesn’t have to cut and splice this decorative knot. It’s used for décor so as to brighten up a room or display board. It’s very useful for fishing.

Shake Hands Bend

This is an exceptional fancy knot which is a good line joining bend, widely used for light cordage through to heavier ropes. Most users love this knots because they are very easy to adjust, tie and untie.
I must admit I really learned a lot from the salon. She also showed us how to tie some of the knots and I promised that I would book a lesson so that I could learn more from her. Making knots is a hobby for her and she also gets to earn some money while making the knots because she sells them to people.

Types of necktie knots

necktie knotsOne thing that defines a man is being able to tie a tie. You can all agree with me that when you went to high school your mum was so happy when you stopped waking her up in the morning to tie your neck tie. However, you cannot deny the fact that being able to tie is not  that easy, especially when it comes to trying different tie knots. However, it takes only a few minutes to get the job done, but using different types of knots can do you better. Are you sick and tired of having to put on your outdated tie and you wish to advance a little? Well, you do not have to worry. This article will educate you on popular types of tie knots that will help you stand out in a crowd.

Basic considerations
Before you start typing your neck tie, you need to ensure that your shirt is fully buttoned. A finished tie should have a knot at the middle of the collar and a wide end right around belt buckle. The choice of the knot will depend on the kind of collar your shirt has, the width of the tie, the height of the person wearing it, and you cannot also ignore the current fashion trends. You would not want to go to a party that your friend invited you only to embarrass him with an outdated necktie knot. With a well tied necktie, you will be able to sip classy vodka that is offered with confidence.

1. Four-in-Hand or Simple Knot
This is an awesome knot that goes well with men tie and looks good in almost every collar. This knot forms a narrow shape and has a slightly longer appearance and it is also slightly lopsided. You can wear this shirt when going to a casual or formal event and still look outstanding. For example, you can choose to wear it at a dinner party. I remember the first time I tied this knot it was on my friend’s son homecoming party. I was surprised to learn the types of beer my friend could differentiate. However, it was only because I didn’t that he had subscribed to the scotch of the month club, where he could sample the best beer brands of some before they are discovered by others.

2. Simple Windsor or Half-Windsor Knot
This knot is considered to be more formal than the rest. The Windsor does not take too much material and it results into a triangular knot and it is long, making it suitable for tall people.

3. Double Windsor or Full Windsor knot
This knot is the most formal yet fashionable. It allows any individual wearing it to have a more symmetrical shape. This knot needs several loops that give it a full bodied and it is ideal for shirts that has triangular widespread collar.

4. Kent Knot
This is a small knot that does not have a lot of loops. It uses less material thus making your necktie longer and suitable for tall men. It involves a twist at the wide and around the collar before using a loop to tie. It looks easy but not that simple to do.

5. Price Albert Knot
This knot is a variation that gives a fuller looking knot but with a long appearance. If you are tall and you love a bigger looking knot combined with a good looking tie, then this is what you should practice.

Some neck-tie knots are challenging to do, but there are those that are simple. However, with practice, you will easily accomplish your goal of appearing outstanding. All you need to do is to practice as much knots as possible because knowing your knots will make your tying experience fun and hassle free.

How To Earn Extra Money By Making Decorative Ribbon Knots And Selling Them

ribbon knot

ribbon knotMaking knots may look and even sound very complicated, but it may not be as difficult as it may seem. If you have a ribbon, and follow the steps correctly, you can easily learn how to tie lovely decorative knots. These knots are great for gift wrapping or custom jewelry and they can increase you source of income if you market yourself properly. With a single strand of ribbon, you can easily come up with a unique and beautiful series of interlocking circles that stand out.
Just like any other art, you will need to practice so that you can master the craft. I learnt this skill while I was still in law school, from one of my friends, and I am grateful that he was patient enough to teach me. We had lots of free time, and I grabbed every chance that I had to perfect my skill. Looking back, I am grateful I learnt this craft. Now that I am a police officer and earn very little, I make sure that on my off days, I make as many ribbon knots as possible. I supply my knots to a small shop in the town that makes custom jewelry and this earns me some extra cash to help me pay out my bills. Here’s how you can also make your own ribbon knots.
1. Measure one end of the ribbon on a hard surface like a table. The other end should be stretched into a horizontal line. Curve the ribbon in the center such that the end of the ribbon bends back to the end of the tape. The ribbon should be in a “C” shape.
2. Next, pull the ribbon that has loosed under the ribbon that is taped then pass it back on top of the taped ribbon end. Slowly pull the end of the ribbon straight out and place it over the curved part of the opposite “C”. You will realize that the ribbon crosses over itself thrice, forming three lines in the ribbon inside the “C”.
3. Pull the ribbon line over the middle line. This will form a figure eight in the ribbon, whereas the loose ribbon will exit on the bottom loop of the figure eight.
4. Tightly pull the loose ribbon end through the bottom loop. When it is pulled, the ribbon knot will form the shape of a braid. Pull the loose end of the ribbon to the right of the braid shape. This will create other three lines in the ribbon.
5. Again cross the bottom line of the “C” over the top line of the “C” to form a second, though smaller, figure eight. Thread the end of the ribbon that are loose through the bottom loop of the figure eight and then tightly pull to make the braided knot tighter. This will create for you a beautiful knot.
If you want to make various ribbon knot designs, you can just add some twist in the way you tie your ribbon and create your own creative designs.

Have You Been to the National Crafts Show?

craftshowCrafts Shows have different meanings to various individuals. Some of you may hear the word “crafts show” and immediately want to go as far away as possible – none of the grandmother knitting stuff for you. Some of you may actually want to attend these events; even going as far as researching about it and bookmarking your calendar to the latest shows you want to attend. More likely though, you’re one of those people who couldn’t care less what a crafts show is. What is that anyway? Does it involve witchcraft?

It might involve magic, yes, but not in the way you think. Crafts shows are festivals hosted in different states all over the country that celebrates the different arts and crafts activities. Artists and enthusiasts alike come from different places to gather and show their passion in similar activities.

Here are some of the national crafts shows in the Unites States that you might want to attend:


  • Allentown Art Festival

Most crafts shows don’t have one specific art that they celebrate, but instead give focus to the place it’s being held at. In 1958, Allentown citizens in Buffalo, New York wanted to host an event to make the local businesses boom, and through it the official Art Festival was born. Happening every second weekend of June, locals and visitors alike can enjoy artworks from participatingartists and craftsmen as selected by the Allentown Village Society.


  • Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival

Other arts festivals pick a single product, and have contests on the most creative piece using that item. One of the largest local festivals in California, this one happens annually for one weekend during pumpkin harvest season.


  • Dogwood Arts Festival

Nature lover? If you’re all for appreciating the blooming of dogwood trees, and enjoying parades, garden shows, and demonstration of Appalachian arts and crafts, visit Knoxville, Tennessee next April.


  • Amish Acres Arts and Crafts Festival

This is a four-day entertainment event held on the first weekend of August in Nappanee, Indiana that started as a part of a park department’s summer arts program. The show now features over 350 artists and craftsmen which all compete for prizes amounting to over ten thousand dollars.


  • Vermont Quilt Festival

If you’re in the mood for some snuggling, you might be interested to go to New England’s oldest quilt festival. It not only has various quilt exhibits, contests, and lectures, it also has classes taught by famous quilt makers worldwide.


There are lots more of course, and all these national crafts shows have different histories and different reasons for celebrating. The activities and the entertainment provided may vary, but they all have one thing in common, and that is that they honor their arts.

What would be a better way to go to these artistic shows than riding a Jeep? It would be the best vehicle to ride during these trips, to give you that artistic vibe and start the right mood as you arrive in the show. If you happen to be in the hunt for a Jeep Bikini top, here is a good place to start. Having the bikini top would give you the warm and breezy feeling without the after effects of sunburn because getting to these craft shows should be as enjoyable as the actual event.

Useful Knots for Bushcraft-Learn More


Bowline knot

This is a knot that helps in creating a fixed loop at the end of your rope. It is one of the most crucial knots due to its stability, strength, and versatility. It is easily made and can be untied. This knot is great when used for hiking or as a running rope.

Trucker’s hitch

This is a combination of knots that allows you to pull a line very tight and secured. You can tie this knot to apply tension on a line; in fact, it can do wonders on a survival knife.

Clove hitch

This knot is considered one of the most important knots. It has two successive half-hitches around an object. It is perfect for grabbing cylindrical objects. You can effectively grab your water bottle while in the bush.

Fisherman’s knot

It is used to form a loop with 2 ends of a rope. Some may say that sheet bend knot bend is better but everyone will surely love the neat appearance of the fisherman’s knot.

Bush craft is all about the skills and the ability to survive in the harsh environment. It necessitates your ability to make good use of such knowledge and capabilities to manipulate the environment, experiencing the state of how our ancestors lived some thousands of years ago. If you are thinking of going camping, this article will be of great help to you for you will learn more on useful knots for bush-craft.

Factors contributing to bush-craft:

When we talk of bush-craft, factors that contribute to this include:

Hunting-the main aim of hunting is to find food to survive in the bush. With the use of a survival knife, you can hunt successfully.

Fire craft-in the forest, fire plays crucial can protect you from wild animals at night, keep you warm, cook your food, and create smoke to signal rescue teams.

Tent making-making a shelter in the bush is one the crucial things since you can be free from damages. One of the easiest way to build a shelter is probably just bring a backpacking tent with you. OutdoorAid has a good article on backpacking tent picks and reviews.

Rope making-this is one of the crucial activities in the bush. Knowing how to twine ropes and make other crucial survival tools is also very crucial. This is why in this article we will concentrate more on useful knots for bushcraft, which are usually achieved with the use of a rope. You can make knots with a rope for:

· Fastening

· Pulling

· Attaching 

· Carrying 

· Lifting

Bushcraft is not only a skill to help you survive in the wild, bringing you inner harmony with the environment but will also become a skill to use on other recreational activities such as hunting, mountain climbing, making tents, etc. Of course you will need some essential equipments such as a good knife, water bottle, or maybe a sleeping bag and food.

Pretty Knots I Made For My Dogs

Accessories for dogs are plentiful. You can very easily go to a pet store and browse isle after isle of decorative dog collars and leashes, dog clothing and booties, and multiple designs of dog toys. Pet lovers are notorious for spending quite a bit on decorative items and accessories for their dogs to make them pretty. But did you know that some of these things you can make yourself for much less? Many people don’t think of hand made dog accessories because of all the items that are already on the market. If you’re the creative and artistic type, hand making some of your dogs accessories may be a fun project or hobby for you.

Some pretty knots I made for my dogs are Sailors Knots (used to make a bandana that can be warn around a dogs neck), Cobra Stitch Knots (square knots used to make paracord dog collars), and Braids.

Sailors Knots-Sailors Knot For Decorative Dog Bandanas. A bandana can be made out of any square piece of material. It doesn’t have to be a pre-made bandana, you can choose any material you like and then cut it to size. You may need a smaller piece of material for small dogs and a larger piece of material for large or medium sized dogs. The sailors knot is then used to transform the material into a bandana and tie it around your dogs neck. This will make your dog pretty or handsome, and will make them stand out from the crowd.

-Cobra Stich Knot For Making Paracord Dog Collars. The great thing about this is that you can choose your own thin rope to make these collars. Bright colors, soft colors, patterns and designs, you can mix and match, whatever you want! Paracord collars are made by using the same techniques as for making bracelets, and will look so pretty when it’s worn on your dogs neck. They are also very durable and even weather resistant, depending on the rope you use.

-Braids. Braids are a fun and simple creation. You can use decorative ribbon or sting to make the braid, and it can be any length and thickness you desire. After you make your braid, be sure to secure it at each end with a basic knot to prevent it from unraveling. A braid can make your dog pretty when attached to the collar. It makes for a great handmade accessory that is cheap and easy to make.

Knots are a fun way to add some color and uniqueness to your dog. If your dog sheds a lot, you may need to remove hair that attaches itself to the knots every once in a while, but for a dog that doesn’t shed (see the most popular non-shedding dogs here), this probably won’t be necessary. Make sure the knots and accessories are secure and kept free from the dogs mouth. Have fun, and be creative!

Fun people I met at a local art and craft fair when selling knots

countyfair On the first Saturday of every month, I make my usual trek to our local arts and craft market where I have my usual stall next to the vendor who sells, in my humble opinion, the best cream pastries I have ever eaten.

While we are setting up our stalls at around 5am in the morning, it’s a tradition now that Ronnie, who owns the stall, will come around and give me a big hug and have a bag of my favorite pastries still hot from the oven ready for me. She is such a sweet lady with a warm heart.

I’ve been selling at these markets for over 5 years now and it’s become one of the highlights of my month. I spend about 10-15 hours a week in my spare time, making and designing decorative knots in all types of colors and designs. I have to thank my mother for teaching me, and one of my earliest and happiest childhood memories is her teaching me how to make them and the fun we used to have.

The reason I started selling at the markets was just to make a little extra money for the family doing something I liked doing. But what I found interesting is that over time, it became less about the money and more about the people who I would regularly see while I was there.

I mean, it’s great when you have tourists passing through and they always seem to appreciate the artistry and design that go into my products, which I’ve been doing for over 20 years now. And sometimes, I will have people come up to my stall and say that their friend or cousin just couldn’t stop talking about this amazing little market vendor who sold these amazing little knots.

What is really special though are the regulars who you see and the great relationships you develop over time. Take Debbie, who as far back as I can remember has been at every market day without fail. She is one of those people who will always stop by, have a chat, spread or share a little local gossip, have a joke about what’s going on and then move on. She is always good for a laugh and lots of fun.

What’s also interesting about Debbie is that she seems to change jobs often. Only 2 months ago, she mentioned that she was looking into some sort of medical assistant career. And as someone who worked in a hardware shop for most of her adult life, I thought this was a bit strange. She just said that she really liked the idea of helping people and working in the health field which was always something she was interested in.

Like Debbie, another one of the regulars at the market is Josephine, who has her own secretarial service. She always has these interesting stories to tell and we’ve always gotten along really well. Last month, while she was coming from the flower vendor she popped in to say hello, and we got onto a subject about a person she was helping to find a job.

She saw an online ad someone had posted with the title, resume for nursing assistant. Since she had a lot of experience in resume writing, she applied for the job and got it the next day. That night she got a phone call from her client that needed the resume, but right at the end of the phone call, the client asked if she would accept payment in the form of fruit and vegetables as she had no money. Josephine told me that her initial reaction was to tell her that forget it, but thought why not and agreed.

So after spending the better part of a Saturday doing the resume, the next day she got a knock at the door and their was Barry, our local courier with 10 boxes of different kinds of fruits and vegetables. More than enough food to feed her family for a month. Not a bad result she thought. And since we are good friends, she brought a bag of the sweetest apples I can remember eating because her family just couldn’t eat them all.
It’s amazing the fun people you can meet at the market.