Three Decorative Knots And How To Tie Them

Braid KnotBesides being useful, knots can be attractive with a high decorative value. I have brought together three of my favorite knots which not only have high decorative value but also are easy to tie. Apart from these three, there a number of other decorative knots also but they can be quite complex to make.

Let us have a look at each of my 3 favorite decorative knots and learn how to tie them:

1. Braid Knot

This knot features in the list of my favorites because it can be used as a friendship band, a decorative handle or as a decorative pull at the end of a string.

To tie this knot, loop the string around twice to create three strands. Now start braiding the three strands just as you braid hair while making a pony by bringing the bottom strand over the central one and then bringing the top strand over the one in center now. Keep braiding with the end of the string outside the braids. If the material of the string is thick, such a knot will result in a nice makeshift handle for a travelling case. Continue reading…

Truckers Hitch-The Best Knot In The World For Truck Drivers

truckers knotBeing a truck driver comes with lots of responsibilities. You are not only required to ensure that the lorry arrives safely on time to the destination, but you also need to ensure that the load at the back is secured tightly. This is where truckers hitch comes in. It is the best knot that every truck driver should learn about.


What is truckers hitch?

This is a compound knot that is usually used to secure loads on trailers or trucks. The general arrangement of using loops and turns in the rope to form a crude block and tackle is used to tension lines. According to the knot author, Budworth, the knot can be traced back to the days when carters used horse drawn transportation to move their loads from place to place. This is one knot that is valuable in this industry and even as you apply for a truck driving job, you can include your knowledge on tying truckers hitch and gain an advantage over other applicants. To get some of the best truck drivers resume examples click here.


This knot allows a line to be pulled tightly and can be used to cinch down a load. Most truckers use this knot to secure heavy loads. Once you have pulled the line to a desired tension with the use of a pulley effect of the loop in the middle of the line, the knot is usually secured with several hitches one or both lines. Even as you seek to work for the best trucking company, you need to understand that what will sustain that job is your skills and capability. With truckers hitch, even as you drive on bad roads you will never have to fear the loss or damages to your load as this knot holds them tightly and closely together to ensure they are safe.


Types of truckers hitch

The part of truckers’ hitch that creates a difference is the method used in forming a loop by which the working end slides through to offer a mechanical advantage. Various methods of forming this knot affect the speed and ease of tying as well as releasing the final product’s stability.


Sheepshank style loop

This type uses sheepshank-like construction and it is also known as bell ringer’s knot which is used to form a loop. This knot is quicker to make compared to a fixed loop, but it is less dependable. In critical applications, you should avoid it as it can fall apart under too much load and it can also capsize if not dressed properly. However, you can make this hitch secure by adding a half hitch with the use of a top bight of sheepshank.


Slipped overhand loop

The loop formed under this version is simple as it a slipped overhand loop. It is made with the use of multiple turns of a rope to form the loop’s eye. If you use extra loops to form an eye, this tends to ease untying. To prevent the closing of the loop under load, form the loop with a working end of the rope as if the standing end goes through the loop it will close under your load and it will be hard to untie.


Fixed loop

This is the most reliable common variation. If this loop is used repeatedly to tie a truckers hitch in the same part of a rope, excessive wear or damage may be suffered by the part of the loop where the working end slides.


Truckers hitch makes your work easier by ensuring that the load that you are transporting is secured tightly. If you are a truck driver or you inspire to be, this is one knot that you need to learn to make your work enjoyable and worry free.

Let’s Learn To Make Great Chinese Knots At Home


chinese-knotI am a fan of crafts, art and pretty knots! If I’m not making any of them, you will definitely find me on my couch enjoying my cold blue moon drink or some nice tasting alcohol. If you want to try some great tasting alcohol, check the varieties here. However, even when I am enjoying my drinks, I always have some knots or craft I am doing. It’s my passion and I love what I do.
Recently I learnt how to do Chinese knots and I would love to show you step by step how you can make yours.
Chinese knots add some flare and sparkle to any kind of project, whether it is clothing or jewelry. Learning how to make these knots requires lots of patience and time. Always bear in mind that you will not get it right the first time you give it a try. It needs practice. However, after you have mastered the method, you will be surprised at how simple it can be. Here is how to.
What you need
A pair of scissors

Chinese Button Knot
• Loop your cord around your forefinger. Take the cord while it’s still on your forefinger and wrap it around your thumb. The loop on your thumb is XY. Twist loop XY and place it on your forefinger
• Your forefinger will be loop A. The pieces that end of your cord will be B and C. Then take B and put it below C. Take B and put it over C. Weave B under A and then put it over XY.
• You will have created something that looks like a pretzel. Put B at the middle of the pretzel shape from behind and carefully bring it on top from up.
• Go over the same process for the final cord C (bring C via the pretzel shape from below through the top). Slowly remove your fingers from the cord tightening it completely. Congratulations, you have made a Chinese button knot.
Chinese Flower Knot
• With your cord, make two different loops. The first loop will be loop one and the other loop two. Insert loop two through loop one.
• Make the third separate loop. Pull loop three through loop two. Take the end of your cord which is loose and pull it through the third loop. Bring it over loop one and through the created petal.
• Pull the end that is loose through loop one and through loop three. At the same time, gently tighten your loops (to tighten the knot, pull the petals). Continue pulling the loose ends so that you can tighten your knots. Avoid loosening the center knot of your flower as you pull. After you have tightened the ends, you will have created your flower knot.
As earlier said, making Chinese knots is not so easy yet it’s not as difficult either. Patience is vital since you require a lot of practice. After you have learned this basic Chinese knots, you can advance and learn the more complicated ones.

Crafts You Can Make Using Household Items

plane made using household items

plane made using household itemsEvery house has household items that are either broken or no longer useful. While it may seem more sensible, it is never fun to throw away any broken item. This is because some of them still have sentimental value and one would want to still hold on to them. Some items may also have broken down too soon and therefore giving one the feeling that it may be inappropriate to discard them hence they are kept.
However it is possible to make use of the household items creatively by making crafts. This will not only help to recycle the items but also enable the family to have fun while being creative. Bearing in mind that children are a powerhouse of imaginative energy, providing some guidance and little help will enable them to explore their creativity.
Below are some of the ways in which you can transform your trash into treasures:
This is one of the ways in which you can utilize old magazines and catalogs. It is done by gluing portions of graphics and photos from the magazines to a canvas. This creates a perfect growing and learning process as it allows children to open up their imagination and create something. Flipping through the different magazines also enables them to develop an interest in art as they see different images that trigger their brains to a whole new level of imaginings hence opening up a universe of possibilities for them. The required items for coming up with the collages are also readily available because apart from the magazines the only additional requirements are glue and scissors which are readily available in the house.
Making Toys
As part of growing up, children need toys to play with. As a parent you do not have to buy expensive toys in order to provide your children with the needed play items. Old socks, for example, can be used to make puppets, used milk cartons can be used to make cars among many other toys. You can also modify the wheels used for making longboards to toy car wheels. Learn more about the best longboard wheels here.
Storage boxes
A well organised house looks and feels comfortable. Storage boxes make this possible. You can easily make a storage box out of an old used box. You can make it more appealing by either wrapping it with some beautiful patterned paper or by using colorful yarn. An old fishing kayak can also be used as a vintage storage box. This is really creative and it increases your child’s imagination. Click here to learn more about fishing kayaks.
House décor
Broken glass or ceramic ware does not have to be thrown away. They provide the perfect material for making decorations that will improve the appearance of the house. Broken bottles can be used to make beads which can then be used to make other crafts like wind chimes or jewellery. Broken plates, on the other hand can be used to replace mulch to give some areas a bit of color while broken ceramics can be turned to designer planters.

Importance of Tying Fishing Knots Correctly and Various Types

fishing knotsIt is important that you learn how to tie fishing knots correctly. This is because incorrectly tied knots are weak and may break your fishing line, or its loose ends may be entangled with weeds or even your fishing pole, making your fishing experience unpleasant. This article seeks to help you understand good practices of tying several types of knots.

To begin with the procedure of knot’s tying, you need to first lubricate the knots with saliva or water before pulling them tight. This reduces friction and preserves your line strength. The second thing to do is to pull them tight together since you do not want your line to slip after yoou8 have caught the fish. Thirdly, trim your knot ends as close to the knots as possible. This is to make sure that your line does not get entangled at any unwanted place. As much as knots are crucial in our lives, some people still thinks it is useless to learn how to tie these knots. However, you need to understand that just as how you spend time on site reading more pools and how to take care of them, or reading numerous reviews before deciding on a quality automatic pool cleaner, the same way you should learn how to tie knots for smooth fishing.

After learning the first steps to tying knots, we will now learn about two categories of knots, which are terminal knots and bends. Terminal knots are used to tie the fishing line to a lure or a hook. You can also use this knots to tie the fishing line to the reel pool. On the other hand, bend knots are used to join two different lines into one. Let’s look at terminal knots:

Arbor knot
This is the most commonly used knot when it comes to tying a line with reel spool. Arbor knot is so easy and quick to tie and can be of great help to you.

Improved clinch knot
This knot is used to tie a fishing line with a hook. It is commonly used since it is simple to tie and also provides efficiency. This knot is also loved by many because it gets stronger as you pull it. It can be used with various fishing lines and can be attached to a clip or an artificial besides the hook.

Now that we have learnt about terminal knots, I guess it is about time we learn about bend knots. Here are examples of bend knots:

Fisherman’s knot
This is a very simple knot to tie. Even though it is common, this knot can easily slip through the knots if used on single-filament lines. Therefore, even though it is the simplest, it is not the best of all.

Blood knot
This knot overcomes the limitation of slippery bows by offering a strong and efficient bond between two lines. Since this knot is not as slippery as a fisherman knot, it can give you awesome fishing experience. The only negative thing about this knot is that it is not that easy to tie.

Albright knot
This is a knot that can tie two different lines in different thickness. Apart from tying different monofilaments, you can also use it to tie a monofilament with a braid.

Knots are normally weaker than the lines and so you need to a tie a knot that offers maximum efficiency. Therefore, make god use of these knots and improve your chances of a good catch.

Para-cord Knots Are worth Knowing How to Tie-Learn More

paracord knotsLearning how to tie knots with Para-cord is the key to getting the best out of your Para-cord accessory item. Whether it is a belt, lanyard, bracelet, or any other Para-cord creation, you can enjoy the experience. Since various knots are used for various para-cord applications, from tying a a rescue line to lashing a couple of poles together, you need to know how to tie these knots to be able to improve the durability and strength of a Para-cord to perform as required.

Half hitch

This is one of the most useful knots that you need to know about and is also the simplest to tie. If you need to secure your Para-cord to a fixed anchor point such as a tree, this is the knot to use. Just like the best men’s perfume will make you the center of attention, half hitch grips tighter on the anchor point since the line is pulled tighter and will serve the purpose intended. Additional half hitches can be added to make it stronger.

Square knot

This is the ideal knot for tying two separate Para-cord pieces together. The purpose will be to create a longer length of cord to perform a specific task. For example, if you happen to be wearing two para-cord bracelets, the para-cord on each can be unraveled and secured together with the use of a square knot. Even as you strive to learn about the latest men’s hairstyle, you also need to learn how to tie a square knot on a bracelet since it is very secure and easy to untie when no longer needed.

Clove hitch

This is another crucial knot that can be tried out of a para-cord. In case you need to secure something to a fixed object like a branch, a pole, or a tree, a clove hitch is the best one to use. It takes you just a few seconds to tie and can easily be adjusted and removed whenever need arises.


This is another crucial knot that you need to know since it can save your life or someone else’s life. Even though it is slightly complicated to tie when compared to other knots, this knot is extremely durable and strong. In fact, para-cord is the perfect type of cord that you can tie a bowline.

If you love rock climbing or you usually find yourself in areas where rescue is needed, then you need to learn about the bowline knot. This is because it can easily be tied around one’s waist to act as safety harness. The other end can be pulled by a person rescuing another, or secured to a fixed object like a tree or a truck.

For you to get the most out of your para-cord or a para-cord accessory item, you need to learn how to tie these knots and practice them, and make them your second nature. By learning about these knots, you will not only be able to make use of your para-cord for all your outdoor applications but it can also make a difference between life and death.

Tying The Most Popular Fishing Knots

fishing knotsEvery fisherman needs to know the importance of tying suitable knots when attaching his bait on the line. In absence of a strong knot, even a professional fisherman can squander the fish. Also, with a strong knot, fishing lures will not be lost. Many fishing tackles can be very expensive and this is why fishing knots pose sentimental value to the fishermen.

Just like you need to know the job description of a caregiver before applying for the job, you also need to know about several reliable fishing knots before you go out fishing. Some people follow the old-fashioned granny tying technique, but tying a fishing line over and over with a single knot weakens places in your fishing line and may easily fail. You would not want to go fishing with your dog that is small sized, only to disappoint it when he is eagerly waiting for a fish to be caught.

The most popular fishing knots used by many fishermen when tying a lure to the line are the clinch and the Snell knots. They also use the Baja knots. There are numerous fishing knots but in this article we will only tackle only two.

The Palomar knot

This is a fairy straightforward knot and is absolutely safe. All you need is to make a loop with the dishing line and put this trough the shank in the bait or hook. Here, be sure that your loop is big enough to tie up the knot with since this is your next step. Tie up the plain knot making good use of the looped line but you need not to pull this taut. Get the initial loop made, pull your hook, and lure through it. Now, pick up the rest of the line, the hook, and the end of the fishing line and begin to draw the three of them uniformly until the knot is well tied.

The final phase of a Palomar knot, seize the head-line, hook, and the line’s end and draw them until they are finally form a tight knot. At times, thus can be a little bit challenging and you can make this easier by applying water or a spittle to make things easier.

Snell knot

Making the Snell shot is always difficult and you are supposed to start off by tugging the fishing line by the stem and subsequently make a loop at the rear of the eyelet that sits at the base of a fishing hook.

Wrap the ends of the fishing line at the actual base of the hook and also through the loop that you produced in the first step. Do this 3 to 4 times. Tighten the newly formed coils and slide them near the eyelet by pushing the last part of the actual fishing line and the standing line until it is tight.

You do not have to risk losing your fish after you catch it. The goal of this article is to give you variety of fishing knots that ensure that the link between the hook and the fishing does not cost you as a fisherman your fish.

Fun And Interesting Facts About Decorative Knots

decorative knotsWe have thousands of knots and it is not easy to exhaust all of them in this article. However, we are going to talk about decorative knots, also known as fancy knots. Decorative knots are basically type of knots that exhibit repeated patterns. This can easily be used for aesthetic or practical purposes and anglers are also using these knots for fishing for very many years. Decorative knots come in different types including:

Good luck knot
Interestingly, this knot has Chinese origin. It is possible to attach it to zippers thus making it more interesting among users. Sometimes, these knots are usable if you need to hand stuffs from your car’s rear view mirrors. You can also place it to wherever you feel good luck beauty is required and add beauty to any part of your home or car. For example, even as you purchase a good herb grinder to make your kitchen work easier and interesting, a good luck knot can do much in adding beauty not only to your kitchen but in your living room as well.

Lanyard Loop Knot
Apart from being attractive, this knot makes a useful loop with decorative bulbs where you can attach things like keys, knives, rings, and more. I have a friend who is a cook and he loves this knot because he is able to attach his favorite knife to it to ensure that he can easily hold the knife comfortably whenever the need arises. In addition to that, this knot is alluring to many anglers since they can easily attach their lures and also comparatively very easy to tie.

Bungler braid
The bungler’s braid is a decorative knot that is known to have many practical uses. You need to shorten the cord, line, or rope for you to be able to come up with this knot. One interesting thing about this knot is that when it comes to untying it, you do not have to cut and you can actually untie it from any point.

Carrick Bend
This is a symmetrical knot that is likely to be the nearest of the bends. Anglers love this knot since it is easy to tie and also has a good holding. To tie this knot, you need to wet the ropes so that it does not jam and to also make it easy to untie.

Chain sen-nit
This is an older term for decorative knot which is known as drummer’s plait. For this knot to be successful, it is tied in an interesting technique since its main purpose is to form linked loops which will eventually shorten the cord. This type of knot is in most cases used in making jewelry and they are also popular in fishing.

Josephine knots
This is an ancient design knot which is more than 2000 years old. Basically, it is made of common decorative patterns as multiple knots and then left flat. The knot is made of common decorative patterns and it is regularly sighted to military braids apart from being used in fishing. This knot is also known as double coin knot.

Man-rope knots
This knot is usually used as a decorative stopper. It is also used at the end of the rope. The knot can easily be used from both sides to stop an object from slipping.

Shake hands bend
This is an excellent line joining bend that is highly usable for light cordage through to heavier ropes. This knot is popular among users because they are easy to tie, easy to adjust, and also easy to untie.

Shamrock knot
This is a type of decorative knot that night be attached to zippers and can also be hung from a car’s rear view mirrors.

Having read about the above types of decorative knots, you can now choose the one that interests you and start making good use of it.

10 Great Hobbies for Seniors

hobbies_seniorsAs working adults, you had all the money and energy to do what you want. And then one day you wake up, and forty years has passed. The time that you used to lack, you now have plenty of. You’re going to have a lot of free time on your hands, and you can use this to pursue a lifetime of hobbies.

Some people start finding a hobby early on, and then they can continue it to their later years. If you are nearing retirement and haven’t found your special hobby yet, don’t fret. You may think you’re not good at anything specific, so this is the time to try different undertakings. Without the daily 9-5 to occupy your day, you can now fill your life with activities you enjoy. Here is a list of ten great hobbies that can add joy to your day-to-day life:



Get that RV you’ve always wanted to rent and drive throughout the states. You need not break the bank to reach your dreams. There are foreign destinations that come cheap with the right planning. Take a look at this page to know which travel destinations  are ideal for seniors


Theater, music, and dance are ageless interests. Whether you want to be part of the performers or just want to enjoy the arts as an audience member, it will surely be time-consuming and a lot of fun.

Arts and Crafts

Show your creative side and try new hobbies you’ve never done before! You can choose among painting, jewelry making, knitting, stitching, basket weaving, woodworking, and a lot more.


The labor may be hard, but the results are pleasant to the eyes. There are now a lot of available tools to help make gardening easier for the body, so no better time than the present to try.


Home renovation isn’t just a young man’s game. For a senior with a lot of time, there can be a lot of things in the house to fix. You can also tinker with your motor vehicle before your weekly ride with the gang. Here is a useful guide on how to renovate your home.


If you were always interested in photography but never had the time to practice it, this is the best time to start. Show everyone how you enjoy nature and the outdoors. Shoot people portraits and give it as gifts. Who knows, you might even earn a little extra from this endeavor.


Interested in history? Antiquing can be a great hobby for you. Collect valuable items you can sell, or add them to beautify your home.


A lifetime worth of practicing what you do will give you insider tips like no other. You can share this wisdom to people who are interested to follow in your steps. You can teach part-time adult classes. While their job may not be exactly lucrative, teachers make a difference in their students’ lives every day.

Volunteer Work

Of course if you want to make a difference in the world, volunteer for a non-profit organization. Whether it’s the library, the children’s center, the local art community, or a veteran home, your help will be needed to get things done.


It’s the age-old question you’ve asked yourself over the years, “Who am I?” You can find out more about your family history – their lives, their stories – and use this information to reconnect with your living family. You may even meet more family you didn’t know you had.


All these hobbies would be more enjoyable if you do them with a friend. Why not call your peers using the free cell phone for seniors available here? Spend your retirement days discovering new ways of having fun with the friends you love.

Searching for the Perfect Christmas Gifts?

craftsGifts! Who doesn’t love receiving them? Wrapped in pretty and colorful papers, and put in boxes of all sizes, the gifts we receive can range from the most boring mug to the most exciting game consoles we’ve been wishing for whole-year round. However, we should remember that gift giving is not about the material itself. The object you give symbolizes how you value the receiver’s relationship with you. You give the gift not to show that you have money, but to remind them that you’re thinking of them in this special time of the year.

That’s why gifts such as arts and crafts are considered more special, because the gift giver has invested time to create the perfect gift for the receiver.Here are a few reasons why a homemade gift, especially an arts and crafts piece,can be the perfect gift to give this holiday season:


1. To Give To That Friend

You know the one, the friend who already has everything. Why give material objects that she can just buy for a better price? Your gift will just end up in her unused pile. A special made present just oozes love, which is the best you can give anyone, really.


2. Quality Control

Yes, you can assure quality when you go for the expensive brands. But at a limited budget, what can you buy that can be considered the perfect gift? Your best bet would be to buy the materials you need and then make the gift you have in mind and you’ll know for sure that it was made from the best materials, using the best techniques.


3. A Gift Meant For One Person Alone 

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your friend tells you that someone else saw them using your gift, and asked them where they got it? Even more awesome is the answer they gave, “My friend made this for me.” They’re the only person in the whole world who has that because it’s made especially for them. It’s a way of showing how you know them so well, and know that they will enjoy that very specific gift you made.


4. Sharing yourself

When you give something you bought, you’re still sharing yourself, since you worked hard for the money you used and you spent time looking for the gift. But with homemade gifts, you share your creative talents to loved ones as well. It’s an incredible feeling of accomplishment once you finished all your gifts. Giving homemade gifts to kids can also inspire them to try their hands on making their own creative handmade crafts. Here are some creative gift ideas for kids.


5. Unforgettable

If you got it right (and you will, because why else would you make a homemade gift?), then your friend will have received a special holiday gift she will never forget. Uniquely made for them, your love will be felt every time they look at the gift.


And where can you buy all the materials for this big Christmas project? Why, in an arts and craft store, of course! Sure, online shopping can seem a better choice in some shopping purchases. If you have yet to try online shopping, you can refer to this article to learn about the process. However, there is still nothing like going to a store, especially a crafts store, and seeing all the unique items inside. Feeling the excitement while on the trip to the store almost seems part of the Christmas celebration. Make sure that the trip remains safe by bringing your Tire Plus coupons that are available here. Keep them in your car to make this Christmas season a little less stressful.

To Knot or Not to Knot

knotsWe may see knot tying as one of the skills we’ll never really need if we just stay in the city our whole lives. After all, if, as a kid, you wanted to be a lawyer, a doctor, or a rockstar, you wouldn’t think where knot tying would fit into your list of things to know. Unless of course, you planned to be a pirate.

However, knot tying is still a very essential skill for a lot of reasons. The art of sailing, for example, involves a lots of ropes and hundreds of knots, as emphasized here. Although we may not be men sailing the sea, but living the outdoor life will necessitate learning certain kinds of knots. The more experienced outdoorsmen will know that different situations and jobs call for various ways of tying knots. Knowing at least some of it will be of help if ever you do get stuck in a situation that calls for this skill. It is better to know the skill and not be in need of it, then be in a difficult setting that necessitates knowledge of the skill, which you unfortunately do not have.You don’t want to be the person who only knows how to tie your shoelaces; or worse, a ribbon.

Knots can be used for tree, wall, and mountain climbing, fishing, boating, splicing, surgical, rescue, and other household necessities. Learning all the knot techniques may take months, or even years.And let’s face it, knowing all that will probably be unnecessary. Although, there are a few basic knots that you should learn how to do even with your eyes closed.

The Overhand Knot, one of the simplest, can help prevent a rope from fraying and will act as a stopper since it’s usually done at the end of a rope. A Square Knot is mainly used to connect two equal sized ropes together. For different sized ropes, the Sheet Bend Knot is used. A Bowline Knot is incredibly handy to know, since it creates a loop that won’t shrink or expand, and can be used to hoist someone. You can even do it one-handed if needed. To prevent a rope from sliding through a pulley, the Figure 8 Knot is used. It’s important to know how to tie the Figure 8 to learn other more complicated knots.

These are just a few of the knot techniques that can be helpful if we learn it. For more information and knot inspirations, you can always check out the various knots and crafts shows on television or the Internet. Get a good start by visiting this website to acquaint yourself with the different terminologies used in the art of knot tying. You may just enjoy it as a hobby, but it may end up as a life-saving technique; after all, who can predict the future?

Note that even if you do copy the techniques you learn online, the results you get may vary. The age, material, and size of the rope used in the instructional material may be different from what you’re using. Any amateur use of rope may be potentially risky, so it’s better to be careful and read the directions step-by-step when handling ropes of any kind.

When you do attempt to go online and you start to have issues with your internet connection, don’t worry. Now it’s easier than ever to call the Charter Customer Service to get them to assist you. Once you’ve found the Charter Customer Service number from this page, it would be wise to save it to your phonebook in case you’ll need it again.. You can talk to a customer representative at any time of the day, and they can help you solve your connection issues immediately.